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Half Price ‘Bonds’ At This Supermarket Is Sending People MAD

If you know your bargain shopping, no doubt you always keen an eye on ALDI and their famous specials.

Well, one of their specials has everyone acting a little crazy. They held a ’special buys’ sale on Bonds Wondersuits on Wednesday, selling them for just $11.99, instead of the regular $24.95.

Well, chaos ensued. Why?

Because often these Wondersuits have been known to sell on the secondary market for as much as $150 due to their limited edition designs, according to a report on the Daily Mail.


Parents promptly lost their nuts. Many people took to Facebook to describe how shoppers grabbed ‘arms full’ or even elbowed people out of the way to get their hands on the onesies.

'I lined up at 8.10am and had three people in front of me to get some,' one person wrote on the Aldi Facebook page.

'I got three but had to run and lots of people were in the road. One woman elbowed everyone out of the way and got armfuls.'

From the chaos comes the suggestion that there should be a quantity limit on the amount of onesies parents could buy.

Would like to recommend that future sales of items like Bonds Wondersuits have quantity limits imposed as all three stores in my local area sold out within an hour due to a very small amount of people buying trolley fulls, [sic]' another person wrote.

'Disappointing for the parents who only want to buy a few suits for their children to actually wear to miss out so a handful of greedy people can on sell them for profit.'

An Aldi spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the Bonds Wondersuit was available in assorted colours. They said they have special buys available in store on Wednesday and Saturday, and it was 'not uncommon to see customers queuing before opening hours in anticipation of the Special Buys being released that day'.

'We recommend visiting Aldi as early as possible when new Special Buys go on sale, as these products are available only while stocks last,' they said.

Source: Daily Mail

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