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H&M Stores Trashed Over Racist Marketing Controversy

A number of H&M stores have been trashed as rage over a racist marketing oversight continues.

Last week  the retail giant copped backlash after an advertisement showing a black child model wearing a hoodie that said "coolest monkey in the jungle" was posted to the clothing chain's website.

Despite the advertisement being pulled and the garment being discontinued, a number of stores in South Africa have been trashed by protesters.

Video footage has emerged online of Economic Freedom Fighters — a South African political party — outside a Clearwater Mall in Johannesburg, blocking access to the store.

Many were wearing red while chanting outside department stores. Some held signs saying "H&M say 'hello' to coolest monkeys" and "away with H&M racist tendencies".

H&M have been forced to close a number of stores as a safety precaution.

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