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Horrific Attack: 6yo Bullies Threaten To Kill Schoolgirl

A seven-year-old Brisbane schoolgirl has been horrifically attacked by a gang of six-year-old school boys.

Pinned against a fence, headbutted and punched, the girl’s mother says they even threatened to kill her.

Their punishment – “litter detention”, “thinking room detention” and letter’s apologising to their victim.

Talking to the Courier Mail, her mother has shared her distress over the Hilliard State School’s handling of the incident, revealing she wasn’t told of what happened until after school had finished.

“You send your kids to school thinking that they’re going to be okay, and to find out that she wasn’t, that’s unbelievable,” she told the paper.

Her daughter was left with bruises and is now terrified to be alone.

It’s believed the school, located in Alexandra Hills on Brisbane’s southside, later suspended two of the bullies.

A spokesperson for the education department said the school will continue to work with the families involved.

Police are also investigating a complaint about the incident.

Top Photo: AAP Stock Image

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