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Mum Warns Others After 14-Y-O Daughter Groomed On Snapchat

A disgusted mother has spoken out about finding "vulgar" messages from an online predator on her teenaged daughter's phone.

The woman and the 14-year-old girl told 9News that the harassment and threats started when an unknown man began targeting the girl through popular photo-sharing app Snapchat, demanding that she send him naked photos.

According to the teenager, the grooming escalated when she was told that the predator would post fake ones online if she didn't comply.

"He said you should send me a picture of yourself," she said. "Every time I had access to internet, there would be several messages there.

"I was scared and worried every time I left the house."

The online harassment only stopped when the girl's mother discovered the abuse.

"The first one was quite vulgar, he was just being really aggressive," the mother told 9News. "To extort pictures from young girls of that age is just really sick."

Snapchat's popularity has exploded in recent years, thanks in main part to a feature which allows photos and videos to disappear in less than 10 seconds.

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