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Horrifying Moment A Sea Lion GRABS A Young Girl From A Pier

Horrific footage has surfaced online of a young girl being pulled into the water by a sea lion.

The footage was captured and showed the little girl sitting on the edge of the wharf, and a seemingly friendly sea lion swimming around in the water.

The sea lion is then seen launching out of the water, taking hold of the little girl with its teeth and flinging her back into the ocean.

The horrifying incident took place at the Steveston Fisherman's Wharf in Richmond B.C., in Canada, as tourists watched the animal looking for fish.

The assumably terrified relative of the little girl is then seen jumping into the water and pulling her out to safety.

A horrendously close call.

The Daily Mail reports that Sea Lions are highly intelligent creatures and are generally thought to be timid in nature.

There have been reports of aggressive attacks on humans in the past though it is not known if the animal was trying to harm the girl.

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