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How Did This Drunk-Driver's Porsche Escape The Impound?

A Mornington man has somehow managed to escape having his $500,000 Porsche impounded - despite having five drink-driving convictions. 

Anthony Dodson has a terrible driving record that also includes three driving while "suspended or disqualified priors, and one previous interlock breach," according to the Herald Sun

Most recently though, police pulled him over for not having his court-ordered interlock device in his luxury car. 

But while his car was supposed to be impounded, the officers were concerned the car was too low to be able to get on a tow truck...so they let him drive it home?!

The 52-year-old pleaded guily to driving without an interlock at Dromana Magistrates’ Court on Thursday morning for the September 30 offence.

Dodson's lawyer told the court his client had learned from this "isolated" and "spontaneous incident."

In response, Magistrate Julian Ayres said:

“He has gone and bought a high-end vehicle, without an interlock, and driven it,” he said.

“It is not spontaneous to go and acquire a fluoro Porsche.

“He took a risk (driving with no interlock), and he didn’t get away with it.”

He was convicted and fined $1200.

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