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How Family are comforting Kate Goodchild’s baby girl

The grieving family of Dreamworld victim Kate Goodchild is using her favourite perfume to settle her eight-month-old child.

Long-time family friend Sandra Brookfield, who has started an online funding page for the Goodchilds, says the scent has been the only way to calm Evie since her mother died on Tuesday.

"She was very clingy to her mother. Her mother was the only one that could settle her," Ms Brookfield told AAP.

"The smell of her mother is not even there so they spray her mother's perfume around the cradle for a bit of comfort."

Mrs Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett, his partner Roozi Araghi, and Sydney woman Cindy Low died when the raft they were travelling in flipped on the Thunder River Rapids ride.

Mrs Goodchild's 12-year-old daughter Ebony and Ms Low's son, 10, also travelling on the raft, survived the tragedy when they were thrown clear.

Ms Brookfield has started a mycause.com.au fundraising page, with the approval of Luke and Kate's mother Kim Dorset, to raise money for Mrs Goodchild's husband Dave and the two daughters.

Within 24 hours of creating the page, donations have soared past $28,000.

The funds will be immediately accessible to the family who have so far only been offered counselling and funds for funerals from Dreamworld, according to Ms Brookfield.

"Luke and Kate are going home tomorrow back to Canberra and we are looking at a date later next week for Luke and Kate's funeral," she said.

Ms Brookfield said the funding campaign was to cover costs and help Mr Turner, who is struggling to cope with the disaster as well as look after two daughters.

"Dave can't talk, he's speechless. He is going to need help and there's a mortgage to pay," she said.

"Kim is not thinking law suits, anything down the that track...these are questions people keep saying.

"It could take years. It's a long process, a very long process."


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