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The Rippling Muscles On This Roo Will Shake You To The Core

Stunning photos have emerged of, quite frankly, the most jacked kangaroo we’ve ever seen.

They were taken by Fremantle bloke Jackson Vincent while he was visiting his grandmother in Margaret River on Tuesday.

“I have been going to that creek since I was a little boy and there have always been kangaroos on the property,” Vincent, 27, told PerthNow.

“I was walking my dog and we saw this huge roo standing in the water. I have never seen a kangaroo standing in the water like that.”

He added that at that time, he could just see the roo’s head.

It wasn’t until Vincent went to take a picture did he realise how buff this unit was.



“I am pretty confident around animals but the moment when he started to come out of the water my heart definitely jumped and I decided to take a few steps back.”

Vincent told PerthNow that the kangaroo looked to be at least two metres tall and weighed at least 100kg.

“There are a lot of roos at my grandma’s place but I have never seen one that muscular before – he was a big macho male.”

Pictures: Jackson Vincent/Caters

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