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'Total Recall' Of Fitness Tracker Over Burn Fears

Intel has issued a total recall of their fitness tracker with fears it could burn a blister arms.

The company issued the recall after admitting it could not fix the problem with the Basic Peak smartwatch which could overheat.

“We are recalling the Basis Peak watch because the watch can overheat, which could result in burns or blisters on the skin surface,” the recall notice said.

“It is important that you stop using your watch and return it. You will receive a full refund.”

They say they are also closing down the online service that synchs with the watch to make sure people stop using the product.

According to the company’s Senior Vice President, Josh Walden, the total recall was a tough decision.

“Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we aren’t able to develop such a solution without completely compromising the user experience,” he said.

“This was a tough decision, but your safety is our top priority.”

He said a full refund will be offered to customers with the software shutdown meaning the watch will stop working from January 2017.

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