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Australia's Weather Forecast For Christmas Day 2017

Guys, incase you hadn't realised yet because 2017 has gone so damn fast, Santa is coming to town in literally ONE WEEK!


I know, I know, it seriously feels like we just had Easter but either way, the 25th of December is definitely next Monday.

And one of the big questions that we always have before the big day arrives, other than what is being left for us under the Christmas tree, is 'what is the weather going to be doing'?

After all, lots of Australian family Christmas parties are spent in the outdoors swimming in the pool, playing bocce and eating delicious food. And so while we don't want it to be cold and raining, we don't really want it to be stinking hot or humid either.

Well folks it's time to find out whether the weather is going to be Naughty (we're talking cold and rainy or anything over 40C) or Nice (mid-late 20C with some sunshine is what we're hoping for here) in your area on Christmas Day.


We're sorry to say that Sydney is looking to get coal for Christmas this year. While it won't be a scorcher, we are currently looking at a top of 24C, low of 19C and cloudy with a shower or two expected. However, if the rain stays away we think that Sydney could definitely make it onto the Nice list with that moderate temperature.


Melburnians can expect much the same as Sydney this year with a high of 22C and low of 13C predicted for Christmas day. Only a slight chance of a shower is expected in the morning but there will be more cloud than sun throughout the day.


People can rejoice up in the Sunshine State as they have been lucky enough to have a Nice list-worthy weather forecast for the big day. Brisbane can expect tops of 31C and a minimum temperature of 23C with plenty of sun.


Those celebrating Christmas in South Australia are also in for a treat this Christmas with a mostly sunny day expected. The top temperature will be 24C and it will get down to around 15C in the evening.


If you wished for sun this Christmas in Perth, well it looks like santa will deliver! A high of 32C will keep the area warm during the day but it will cool off in the early evening with a low of 19C.

There you have it Australia! But just remember that it is still a week out and the weather forecast might change slightly before the 25th arrives! So if your city is on the naughty list don't start worrying just yet! There's still time for them to work their way onto the nice list.

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