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Is This Sydney Apartment Sign Written In Mandarin Illegal?

Picture: Seven News

A north Sydney apartment complex is causing controversy after a sign out the front of the building written in Mandarin doesn't include an English translation.

Parramatta council are investigating why there are three Chinese characters on the front of the sign while only the wording on the back is in English.

Former Mayor Lorraine Wearne claims Epping locals have complained to her.

"I think it offends the community, because it doesn't include the community," Ms Wearne said.

Currently there is no law in Australia requiring signs to be in English.

However the developer in this case applied under Section 96 of the local council for a sandstone installation not facing the street.

"I don’t have a problem with a sign in another language that I don't understand, provided there's an interpretation of that sign in my language."

Parramatta City Council says this is likely in breach and will have to be removed. 

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