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Is This The End Of Our Fave Brisbane Shopping Centres?

Could the small, suburban shopping centres be one the way out?

That’s what one academic is predicting and it’s not good news for those Brisbane centres competing against their larger Westfield counterparts.

Talking to The Courier Mail, Brenda Markey-Towler from UQ said it is just becoming impossible to compete.

Instead, the need to reinvent themselves or face becoming obsolete.

“It’s like the big four banks — the smaller centres are not going to be able to compete unless they slap down several hundred million and then you ask, ‘why do we need another Chermside halfway between there and the CBD?’,” the demographic researcher said.

With the Westfield Shopping Centre’s becoming more like a destination hub for shopping, food, transportation and entertainment, he said they needed to find their point of difference.

“[Otherwise] They’ll just decline over time to the point where it becomes cheaper for the local government to zone it for apartment blocks,” he said.

It’s a sentiment that has been rebuffed by the National Retails Association’s Dominique Lamb.

She told the paper that those smaller centres are used by shoppers for convenience to “pop-in and pop-out”.

They also offered an alternative for those who didn’t want to travel far or queue in the carpark.

Where do you prefer to shop?

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