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Is This The Most Incredible Act Of Brotherhood EVER?

In a world where sporting and competition is fierce, sometimes, something beautiful shines through and takes the spotlight.

That moment was when British Olympic gold medallist Alistair Brownlee helped his near-unconscious brother, Jonathan Brownlee, cross the finish line.

Initially, Jonathan was coasting to win the men’s elite race, but then he started to succumb to the fierce heat that has marked the worlds in Cozumel, Mexico.

As Jonathan began to fade and nearly slump to the ground, older brother Alistair abandoned his duel with South African competitor Henri Schoeman to help his younger brother.

Schoeman won the race and Jonny was second, with Alistair alongside him for third.

Unbelievably, there was protest against the way the Brownlee brothers finished the race, but under triathlon rules assistance from other competitors is allowed.

Jonny needed medical attention after collapsing at the finish and the result cost him the world series title.

Later, Jonathan tweeted from his hospital bed thanking his brother for his incredible loyalty.

Source: news.com.au

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