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ISIS Release Video Showing Melbourne As A Possible Target

Islamic State Terrorists have released a hit list of sights in Melbourne in a shocking new video obtained by Channel 7 News.

The video is designed to encourage homegrown terrorism and features Melbourne's cityscape, a shot of Melbourne airport and St Paul's cathedral.

Melbourne is the only city in Australia to feature in the video. 

Terror experts say the choice to show Melbourne's airport terminal, instead of inside a plane is deliberate. 

In the video above, a Channel 7 reporter says that the department of Foreign Affairs believe the chances of a terrorist attack in Australia right now, is probable. 

Qantas, the airport and Victoria Police are all aware of the video and Counter Terrorism Minister Michael Keenan has ensure that the terror related security measures across Melbourne are world class. 

Watch the video above to see the shocking footage. Warning: Graphic Content. 

Source: Channel 7 News

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