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It May Surprise You Who Is The Most EXPENSIVE Supermarket!

They may still be more expensive than Aldi but Woolworths and Coles are still battling each other for cheapest mainstream supermarket.

With the two chains pumping more than $1billion into promotions and lower prices, the tide has changed with the supermarket that brands itself as having ''low prices'', now the most expensive.

According to a survey by Credit Suisse, based on 110 packaged groceries and fresh food, Coles is now the most expensive supermarket with the products costing $586, while it's just $573 at Woolworths.

For real savings, everyone knows by now that it is Aldi for the win, with the same products costing a total of $465.

Based on the promotional products, Woolworth's was 23 per cent more expensive than Aldi, which is way down on the 32 per cent they were a month a go. Coles promo basket was 26% more expensive.

Full price products at Woolworth's were consistent with Coles but about 29 per cent more expensive than Aldi.

Six months ago, Woolworths was 6% more expensive than Coles.. but the tide has now changed! 

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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