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Japanese Boy Abandoned In Bear-Infested Woods Has Been Found

Six days after first disappearing, a Japanese boy abandoned by his parents in bear-infested woods has been found.

Yamato Tanooka was abandoned by his parents as punishment for misbehaving in the mountains of Japan’s north island of Hokkaido.

His parents kicked him out of their car on a mountain road after he had thrown stones at cars and people.

The little boy was found by a soldier at an empty Japanese Air Force building in Shikabe Town in Hokkaido this morning.

“There was no conspicuous external injury, and the boy introduced himself as Yamato Tanooka,” a spokesman for police in northern Hokkaido island said.

The boy’s parents also confirmed the boy found was their son. He has been given food and water and is now receiving hospital treatment.

According to broadcaster TV Asahi, the boy was found in an unheated building used as a training area for the military roughly 5km from where he went missing.

Rescuers held grave concerns for the boy, with temperatures dropping to just seven degrees overnight.

It was also feared that he may not survive heavy rains earlier in the week. It is not yet known how he was able to survive alone for so long.

Yamato’s father Takayuki Tanooka initially said his son had got lost hiking while they were out gathering vegetables, but later admitted the truth.

“We have done an unforgivable thing to our child, and we have caused a lot of trouble for everyone,” he said just days ago.

“I just hope he is safe.” Police had earlier said they were considering whether the parents should be charged with child abandonment.

“Making children obey by giving them fear or pain is bad parenting,” Naoki Ogi, a professor of education at Hosei University, said in his blog.

“It’s abuse.”

Source: News.com.au

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