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Jessica Rowe Slams Eddie McGuire On Studio 10

When you think of those who work in television, generally we think of it as a happy, fun place - but for Jessica Rowe, that wasn't always the case.

She's come out on Studio 10 this morning, launching a scathing attack on Channel Nine's Eddie McGuire, questioning his intelligence and telling of how he 'made her life hell' when she was co-hosting the Today Show with Karl Stefanovic.

The attack came as they were discussing McGuire's most recent controversy, in which he called the Victorian Sports Minister (John Eren) a "soccer loving Turkish born Mussie", and they discussed at large whether or not the term 'Mussie' was racist.

Rowe then launched into a discussion about her own personal experience with McGuire, in which she recalls being left embarrassed in 2006 when the married McGuire (then Nine's chief) allegedly said he wanted to "bone" the presenter.

According to a report on The Daily Telegraph, less than a year into Rowe's role on Today, McGuire who wanted to sack her, allegedly said: “What are we gonna do about Jessica? When should we bone her? I reckon it should be next week.”’

The Millionaire Hot Seat host had denied ever using the term, despite his former colleague Mark Llewellyn signing an affidavit to say that he did.

See the footage of Rowe's attack on McGuire during Studio 10 this morning...

Video via Studio 10 Youtube

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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