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Knife-wielding clown arrested, charged in Brisbane

A Brisbane teenager who was arrested for dressing up as a knife-wielding clown says he was just trying to scare his sisters.

The boy, 15, was spotted by concerned motorists in Inala on Monday night and police say they found him sitting in a nearby car wearing a clown mask.

He told officers he wanted to scare his sisters, but he was charged with one count of public nuisance and one count of unlawful possession of a knife.

Meanwhile, one terrified young boy from central Queensland says he now sleeps with a knife under his bed after being followed by a machete-wielding clown.

Jaiden Crane says he was walking home from a friends house in Gladstone last week when he saw the clown, who chased him and scraped a machete on the ground.

"I was pretty mortified, I didn't get any sleep that night," told the Gladstone Observer.

He was adamant the clown's intentions were sinister.

"I'm pretty sure if you dress up and you've got a machete, that would suggest that you would want to hurt someone pretty badly -- like kill them or something," he said.

AAP / Stock Image:123rf.com

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