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Large Male Tiger Attacks Zookeeper In Front Of Crowd

Lions and tigers and... let’s just stop at LIONS! Oh my!!

Typhoon, a large male tiger, has attacked a zookeeper at Kaliningrad Zoo, Russia.

The zookeeper accidentally left the cage open while she brought food to the animal, only being saved by the fact that onlookers shouted and threw stones at the tiger.

Horrific footage shows the woman being mauled by Typhoon, as she screamed for help, while spectators threw tables and chairs at the tiger to get his attention.

She was rushed to hospital and is expected to survive.

“The animal entered the enclosure when the keeper was there,' it said in a statement from the Zoo. "The tiger attacked the human.”

“Visitors with their shouting, stones and other improvisation managed to distract the animal. This allowed the zoo employee to hide in a back room.”

No other zoo staff were present at the time of the attack, and it was spectators who called for the ambulance.

A local health ministry spokesman said: “The patient was delivered to the hospital with multiple wounds to the body and limbs.”

“She is conscious, her condition is assessed as stable but critical. There is no threat to her life.”

“Oh my” is right!

See the shocking footage below!

(Source: Daily Mail)

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