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Lisa Wilkinson Has Just Had The Most Awkward Interview Ever

Lisa Wilkinson has denied reports there is a gender pay gap on The Today Show… but has also admitted that she doesn’t know how much her co-star Karl Stefanovic makes.

In an interview on the ABC’s The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, reports about the two presenters making different salaries were talked about.

'I want to talk about an issue I'm sure is close to your heart – I'd like to talk to you about the gender pay gap on your show,' the comedian said. 

Because it's been widely reported that Karl is paid significantly more than you to host The Today Show. Why do you think that is?' 

Lisa awkwardly attempted to avoid answering the question, replying: 'And you believe everything you read?'

Pickering went on to say 'Well, maybe I believe everything Karl's publicist puts out.'

Lisa addressed the question by saying 'I have no idea what Karl's on, just as he has no idea what I'm on.’’

Pickering then asked if there was ‘Friends-style pact that you both get paid the same?' to which Lisa replied ‘no.’

'I can put my hand on my heart and say I have no idea what Karl is paid, and he has no idea what I'm paid,' Lisa repeats.

'Besides, I do it out of love, anyway.'

The Today Show airs on Channel 9 at 5:30 AM weekdays.

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