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The Toll News You DIDN'T Want To Hear

If you drive on the Logan Motorway, we’ve got some news that you probably don’t want to hear.

Just two years out from the busy road becoming toll free, we’re now being told that’s not going to happen.

Instead, commuters will have to wait till 2051 to get a free ride.

The original plan set out in 1988 would have seen the toll scrapped after 30 years. However in 2011 that changed – and it was a fact many people missed.

According to The Brisbane Times, in 2011 the motorway, which was previously managed by the State Government owned Queensland Motorways, was transferred to the Queensland Investment Corporation.

It was at this point the toll period increase was announced in a Government Gazette.

Five years on, it’s only now starting to become common knowledge.

The increase has been blamed on the need to maintain and upgrade the road network according to the Minister for Main Roads’ office.

On top of the extension, above CPI tolling fee increases have also been introduced following the sale of Queensland Investment Corporation’s Queensland Motorways holdings to private consortium Transurban in 2015.

It currently only applies to trucks on the road network.

The RACQ has told The Brisbane Times that while the decision was necessary for new road infrastructure to be built, most Queenslanders would be shocked to learn of the decision.

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