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Look Out Kardashians! Salim Mehajer Has Some HUGE News!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last year, you’ll know all about Salim and Aysha Mehajer.

The pair that got married in a ceremony so lavish, it caused an entire Auburn street to shut down. Well, if you’ve been keeping tabs on them, you’ll know that things went downhill pretty quickly for the pair.

Not even a year since their wedding, there have been rumours that the couple have split. Aysha is reported to not live in the Lidcombe mansion they shared, she also didn’t show up at the birthday celebration he organised Tyga to perform at - and now it’s been reported that she filed for an AVO against him.

She also hasn’t been seen at a number of family events over the last few months, but Salim consistently posts photos of the two together on his Facebook page. The troubling thing?

Salim says it’s all for a television show they’re filming.

What the?!

According to a report on the Daily Mail, Mr Mehajer said the couple were still living together and exclusively told Daily Mail Australia his wife had been away recently...

because the pair are about to star in a forthcoming television program. 'Aysha and I are casting and preparing to be part of a TV series,' he said.

'She is currently in audition. At the moment we cannot disclose the show (or) series name.

'I begin casting in August 2016. You can follow our Facebook page if you wish.'

Mr Mehajer added the pair were busy gearing up to be part of his sister Khadijeh's bridal party at her wedding in a few weeks - dubbed 'Sydney's next biggest wedding'.

It’s unclear whether Mr. Mehajer’s comments are true, or a deranged view of the breakdown of his marriage. I guess we’ll find out in time! Hey, they're already pretty well practiced...

Source: Daily Mail

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