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Lucky Gardener Finds Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Yard

Think your garden is full or rich soil? We're betting it's nothing compared to this!

A Melbourne woman has headed out to her front yard for a spot of gardening and has returned tens of thousands of dollars richer.

The woman from Donvale who wishes to remain anonymous was shocked to come across a bunch of old-style paper banknotes hidden in front of her home on Friday.

The money has been handed over to police and they have said that it is worth tens of thousands of dollars and could be decades old.

Investigations have now opened to see if the money can be traced to an owner to determine if the money is related to a crime.

Police have not identified the exact amount of cash that was stashed in the woman's garden but they have said that if the owner is not found in three months the money will default to the Donvale home owner.

Anyone with information or anyone who believes they may have lost money in the area should contact Forest Hill POlice Station on (03) 8847 3600.

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