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The One Thing EVERYONE In Australia Needs To Do Tonight!

It’s finally happening!

Petrol prices have begun to drop in our capital cities.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's new report have shown that petrol prices decreased in the quarter that ended in September 2016.

Petrol prices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth decreased by 3.8 cents per litre to 114.2 centres per litre.

For the three months before this, the average was 118.0, and the annual average was 121.7.

“International factors continue to strongly influence the price at the bowser. A drop in refiner margins in the last quarter has helped to push prices down locally,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

“Australian motorists have benefited as prices have fallen, which will be especially welcome as we move into the busy holiday period.”

“A global comparison has also shown that Australian prices have remained extremely competitive by international standards as a result of the relatively low rate of taxation on fuel,” Mr Sims said.

“Despite these lower prices, our message to all motorists is: continue to shop around and reward those retailers offering the best-priced fuel. This will help you, and also bring more competitive tension to the market.”

So, it’s time to fill up!

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