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Mass Grave Of Greyhounds Discovered In NSW


A mass grave of greyhounds has been uncovered at the western Sydney property of a licensed and registered trainer.

RSPCA NSW inspectors discovered the remains of nine greyhounds at Marsden Park, as well as a dozen sick and emaciated dogs.

"The 12 living greyhounds have varying medical conditions including emaciation and severe dental disease," the animal welfare body said in a statement on Thursday.

All 21 dead and sick animals have been seized from the trainer by the RSPCA.


RSPCA NSW, with help from the Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission, is investigating serious alleged animal cruelty offences.

Animal rights group PETA suggested the discovery was unsurprising following the NSW government's decision to reverse its ban on greyhound racing.

"This most recent investigation confirms that the battle against the abuse of animals for entertainment and financial gain continues," spokeswoman Emma Hurst said in a statement.


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