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Australian Teen Hospitalised After Horror Beach Incident

Warning: Graphic Images

When 16 year old Melbourne Sam Kanizay went to the beach to soak his leg muscles in the cool water after his weekend footy game, he had no idea that he'd soon end up in hospital.

When he came out of the water, he had sand on his legs, so he went back in to rinse them off.

Sam's dad, Jarrod Kanizay spoke with AAP, saying that tiny marine creatures had been eating Sam's legs.

“He went back to his shoes and what he found was blood on his legs. “They ate through Sam’s skin and made it bleed profusely,” he said.

“As soon as we wiped them (his legs) down, they kept bleeding,” he said.

Even at the hospital, the family had trouble stopping the bleeding.

“There was a massive pool of blood on the floor (at the hospital).

“No one knows what the creatures are. They’ve called a number of people, whether it’s toxicity experts or marine exerts and other medics around Melbourne at least ... (and) yep, no one (knows).”

The beach in question was Dendy Street Beach in Brighton.

Picture: Jarrod Kanizay/AAP

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