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Mum Heartbroken After Ashes, Plaque Stolen From Crematorium

A mother has been left heartbroken and unable to comprehend why her son's ashes, and the memorial plaque they were encased behind, were stolen from a Cairns crematorium.

Matthew Shaw, 35, died only few months ago and his mother Felicity Shaw has told Network Ten her son's resting place had been "totally disrespected".

"Someone had broken into it, smashed it and taken my son's ashes ... it's one of the worst crimes someone could ever do," Ms Shaw said.

The thieves removed the plaque from the face of the granite face wall to steal the ashes from the small vault.

Senior Constable Russell Parker said it was a criminal offence to steal human remains and called for anyone who has information to come forward.

"Maybe they have heard rumours they may know of someone who may have played a part in this," he said.


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