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Horrifying Discovery Inside One Of Aldi’s Most Popular Items

A mother-of-two was horrified to discover a large metal spike in her Aldi steak. Five months on, Aldi's response has left her stunned. 

Anna Wood-Penn bought several Ashfield Farm Sirloin Steaks from her local Northhampton  Aldi store in the UK.


(Image: Anna Wood-Penn)

She was enjoying a steak dinner at home with her family when she bit down on a 2.5cm long metal bolt.


(Image: Anna Wood-Penn)

“I bit down on something hard and looked down and there was this shiny object in my food." she told The Sun.

“I was shocked. I had to make sure the rest of the family checked their food as well because I was worried one of them could choke.


(Image: Anna Wood-Penn)

“I contacted Aldi and they didn’t seem bothered by it. Their only concern was getting the metal bit off me.” 

Anna refused to send the object back to Aldi, over fears the supermarket would lose it. Local council health inspectors investigated and were told by Aldi’s meat supplier the unknown object was probably present in the animal when it was slaughtered.

The one-inch bolt was embedded in the steak, but its origin is unknown as Aldi’s meat supplier lost it while investigating.

“Aldi have never contacted me since it happened nearly five months ago – I haven’t even had a refund for the steaks...It’s outrageous they are not more concerned for their customers.” Anna told The Sun.

Aldi have since responded, saying “Following Ms Penn-Wood’s complaint we conducted a full investigation with our supplier, which found no abnormalities in the metal detection information with the batch of steaks.

“We have written to Ms Penn-Wood to apologise for the delay in our correspondence with her and for her experience with this product.”

Have you ever found a foreign object in your food? Tell us your story in the comments section below...

Source: The Sun

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