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Mum Reveals Horrifying Moment 4-Y-O's STOMACH Was Sucked Out

A mother has spoken about the horrifying moment her four-year-old daughter's stomach was sucked out by a hot tub filter.

Nicola Floyd had taken little Isabella to a hotel swimming pool in Bulgaria when the terrifying incident happened; the tot became stuck to the spa's filter after sitting on it and couldn't be freed until a lifeguard turned it off completely.

"Isabella never cried, but she just started screaming, 'My tummy, my tummy'," 28-year-old Nicola said. "She'd been sucked in and wasn't strong enough to push herself out.

"When I pulled her out, her intestine was in my hands."

Fast-working doctors managed to save Isabella but were forced to put her in an induced coma while she recovered from severe injuries to her bowel and intestines.

Thankfully, Isabella woke for the first time last Friday - and promptly asked her mum to read her a story.

"Nobody can say much right now," Nicola continued. "We've no idea what the lasting impact will be.

"Her stomach is still open at the moment, so she'll need surgery to close it up and then we'll go from there.

"We're taking things day-by-day, but at least it's not hour-by-hour anymore."

A spokesperson for the Admiral Hotel has confirmed that they will help with the investigation into the incident however they can.

"We express our most sincere sympathy to the parents and relatives of the injured child and we would like to assure them that we are ready to give them any kind of support for the medical treatment and the convalescence of the child," they added.

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