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Mum Allegedly Told To Breastfeed Child In Toilet

A young mum's been left shocked and humiliated after she says staff at a vegetarian cafe in Christchurch demanded she breastfeed her baby in the toilet because it was 'embarrassing.'

Gabriella Bond said she was approached by a waitress while dining with friends at the Water Drop Cafe who said: "Are you embarrassed? You will need to go to the toilet if you're going to breastfeed." 

Stunned Ms Bond and her friends chose to leave the cafe and labelled the incident as "highly traumatic and embarrassing." 

"I was shocked and stunned. I never thought anything like this would happen to me in this day and age," she told 1 News Now. 

Ms Bond's friend took to the café's Facebook page to complain about the incident and another posted a negative review on the page, which have both since been deleted by the café.

The cafe's owner told 1News Now that the waitress in question denied telling Ms Bond to move to the toilet and defending their decision to delete the reviews, saying is affected the cafe's rating. The cafe has since received a barrage of negative ratings and was forced to post a statement online apologising for the incident. 

It read: "We have been receiving a great deal of feedback in the past week, which we'd like to address with our Facebook followers.

"First of all, we would like to say how sorry we are both for the event and our immediate follow up.

"While we feel it is a case of genuine miscommunication, the fault lies with us both in our initial actions and our response." 

It went on to say the staff member involved feels distressed at the ill feeling this has caused and wants to personally express her apologies.

It continued by stating that breastfeeding mothers are always welcome in any part of the cafe. 

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