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Young Boy Allegedly Finds Needle Inside A Cucumber

A young boy in Melbourne has had a scare after allegedly finding a piece of what appears to be wire inside a cucumber as police confirm “copycat” cases are continuing amid the fruit contamination crisis.

This incident comes after the needle crisis spread nation wide with metal objects found inside fruit across five Australian states, sparking a widespread recall across supermarkets.

Needle Crisis Continues As Young Boy allegedly finds needle inside a cucumber

The first incident occurred on September 9 in Queensland after what appeared to be sewing needles were found inside a punnet of strawberries.

Since then Police have received reports of over 100 alleged cases of needles being found in strawberries, bananas and mangos with the majority believed to be copycats.

And now it seems cucumbers are under the contamination attack. A mother in Melbourne has claimed that her 12-year-old son almost swallowed a piece of metal after biting into the fruit bought from Woolworths Devon Plaza in Doncaster East.

The incident was reported to the store and to police. A Woolworths spokesman has since released a statement to news.com.au saying that they are “aware of the customer report and understands police are looking into it.”

“We’ll work closely with out supplier to assist the police as needed,” the spokesman said.

A spokesperson for Victoria Police also told news.com.au that they were investigating “multiple reports of contaminated fruit” including the affected cucumber.

“We can confirm we are investigating numerous incidents of what appears to be ‘copycat’ offending with reports of various other types of fruit contaminated across the state,” said the spokesman.

“We urge the public to report any similar cases of fruit contamination to their local police.”

Anyone caught contaminating food products can now be charged with a serious indicate offence and can face 15-years jail time.

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