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New Evidence Australian Mum Was Involved In Police Killing

Police are claiming Australian woman Sara Connor’s boyfriend repeatedly smashed a beer bottle into a Bali police officer’s head until the bottle broke, in what they think was a violent bashing that killed the officer.

A mobile phone and the officers own binoculars also seem to have used to beat him on Kuta beach.

It is now alleged that that Connor, a mum of two from Byron Bay, then took the wallet and mobile phone and burnt the evidence, along with hers and her boyfriend's clothes.

Last night police took Connor and her boyfriend David Taylor to Jimbaran to find the spot where the evidence was burnt.

Denpasar Police chief Hadi Purnomo said ‘’“They had a plan to burn the evidence, including the clothes and the victim’s mobile phone and wallet … so the cards in the wallet were cut up with scissors, the mobile phone was disposed of and everything in the wallet was cut up by scissors. There were a police member card and others. Then it was burned by Sara and David.”

He alleges that it was Connor’s idea to burn the clothes after she heard that she was wanted by police.

Connor says she was not involved in the murder but had tried to separate her boyfriend and the police office but was unaware he had died.

Connor is currently being held on a murder charge as well as accomplice charges.

Taylor is held on murder, assault and battery.

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