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Thunderstorm Alert System To Prevent Deadly Asthma Attacks

The Victorian State government has pledged to introduce a new alert system that will give up to three days’ notice of thunderstorm conditions that could potentially affect asthma sufferers.

This comes after a devastating asthma outbreak last November during a thunderstorm that killed nine people in Melbourne and left another 8500 people in hospital.

Health Minister Jill Hennessy has said that a lack of an early warning system was a major factor in the asthma outbreak.

This new alert system will allow the Emergency Management of Victoria to monitor grass pollen forecasts, weather observations and other asthma triggering factors such as wind changes, temperature, rainfall and grass coverage.

However, despite these new systems asthma sufferers and even those who experience hay fever symptoms are being urged to seek medical advice and not be complacent as the pollen season begins.

“Don’t dismiss those hay fever symptoms, talk to your GP and your pharmacist about having an asthma plan or what other steps you should take to protect yourself,” said Ms Hennessy.

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