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Newly Released Footage Shows Juvenile Prisoners Being Abused

This article contains distressing content.

Disturbing footage of young boys being stripped naked, tear gassed and held in solitary confinement for days has surfaced from the Northern Territory.

ABC's Four Corners has obtained footage from 2014 at Don Dale Youth Detention Centre and again in 2015 at the old Berrimah adult prison, that replaced Don Dale.

In the videos, a 17-year-old is hooded, shackled to a mechanical chair and left alone for two hours.

Barrister John Lawrence said the teens were 'being shackled to chairs a la Guantanamo Bay.''

''This is actually happening in Australia in 2016.''

The child also appears in more videos where he is stripped numerous times, held on the floor and forcefully restrained by the guards in 2014 and 2015.

At Don Dale, teens were kept in the isolation wing known as the Behavioural Management Unit and locked in their tiny cells for almost 24-hours a day with no running water and very little natural light.

Correctional Services Minister John Elferrink said he had not seen the videos but it ''demonstrates a lack of training. When matters come to me I make sure they're investigated.''

Since 2014, the training period for officers has been extended from four days to eight weeks.

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