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Nurse Admits Error That Lead To The Death Of A Baby

A nurse has admitted his guilt following the death of a premature baby after forgetting to turn on a machine that helped the boy breath.

British nurse Craig Wilson admitted ‘’causing or contributing’’ the tot’s death following a tragic mistake before he took a break.

The error was found when a colleague discovered the boy, born 13 weeks early, was cold, according to the Daily Record.

When Wilson returned to work after his break, Wilson said: “F***, I forgot to turn it on.” The baby died later that day at Glasgow’s Princess Royal Maternity Unit.

A fellow nurse told the hearing that she had set up the humidifier and all Wilson had to do ‘’switch it on’’.

The nurse now faces being struck off the Nursing and Midwifery Council list.

The Case Presenter said that the baby had been making good progress in an incubator after being born at 27 weeks but following the mistake, he died of hypothermia and multiple organ failures.

Wilson admitted he had recorded the humidifier as being turned on and initially said someone else had turned it off.

The nurse has now admitted he was at fault and admits responsibility.

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