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Off-Duty Cop Saves The Day By Chasing Down Thieves

An off-duty police officer from Melbourne's south-east has proved that you're never really 'off-duty' when you're on the force, even when asleep in your own house.

The officer has come to the rescue of his neighbour during a terrifying robbery in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The man was asleep at his home in Cranbourne North when he was disturbed at around 5:30am by his house alarm going off.

He told police that as he was disarming the security system, he noticed a group of people across the road dressed in hoodies.

The victim of the robbery was also awoken during the ordeal, telling investigators that he found a group of Caucasian thieves wearing hoodies and masks in his living room.

The off-duty police officer sprung into action when he noticed the thieves moving items through a garage door and into a getaway vehicle.

He told police that he called out to the group from his balcony causing them to flee and he then sprinted after them in nothing but his underwear.

One of the thieves was said to be armed with a machete and the group managed to escape before the police officer could catch up with their car.

The off-duty police officer says that a few hours later he was going through CCTV footage with his neighbour when the same vehicle returned.

The officer and his neighbour jumped in a car and attempted to chase down the offender's vehicle, calling triple zero for back up.

Police officers were able to intercept the group of thieves and arrested four teenagers at a park close by.

The victim of the robbery has praised his neighbour as a hero calling him, "one of the best."

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