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Paedophile Convictions Will Now Be Put On Passports

The US have taken a very strong stance against paedophilia by marking passports of convicted criminals when they travel abroad.

All registered child sex offenders will have their passports revoked and must now apply for a new document that will come with "unique identifier" that informs of their status.

The message on the passport will read:  "The bearer was convicted of a sex offence against a minor, and is a covered sex offender pursuant to (US law)."

Unfortunately, this does not prevent covered sex offenders from leaving the United States nor will it hinder their opportunity to own one.

In 1994, Megan Kanka was murdered by a man who had previously been incarcerated for child sex offences. Because of this crime, Megan's Law came into affect, which requires those convicted to sign a register and have details about their convictions made public. 

Once on the register, it is near impossible to be removed from it.

Under the law, it allows the publication names, photographs and addresses of those on the register and these details can even be accessed by an app.

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