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No Warning Issued Despite Peeping Tom Spotted At Perth Uni

A student at the University of Western Australia says she was surprised when the campus didn’t put out a warning when another student reported a Peeping Tom with security.

Earlier this week, Nine News Perth reported that a hidden camera was discovered inside the disabled toilets inside UWA's Reid Library.

The library is currently being used by several Year 11 and 12 high school students studying for their Western Australian Certificate of Education exams.

However, UWA students Jenny and Sonia told WAtoday that on September 13, they reported that a man in his 50s had spied on a girl from under a toilet door in the same library.

Jenny said she had used the bathroom to wash her hands.

Another student, Sonia, was drying her hands and another girl was doing her makeup.

"We heard a scream and banging sound against a cubicle wall," Jenny said.

"This girl just started screaming 'get out, get out!'

“…then this middle-aged man in his 50s just walked out of another toilet.

"He was really tall – around six foot one – and had grey hair and he just casually said sorry to us, as if he'd accidentally walked into the wrong bathroom.”

Sonia said the girl was in shock and kept saying ‘he was looking at me under the cubicle wall’ before Sonia took off after the bloke until she lost him.

When they were in the middle of alerting a security guard, Sonia saw the man again outside the library and pointed him out. She said the man saw her point and he again took off, with Sonia and the guard giving chase.

Despite three witnesses providing statements to campus security for the police, a guard had reportedly told one the girls there was little they could do as the man "hadn't actually done anything", and if "they were feeling unsafe they should call the UWA security number".

Jenny said that while she appreciated their statements being taken, she believed there needed to be a campus-wide warning about it.

"I understand the police and UWA staff wanted to manage what was going on but we were essentially told to keep quiet so we didn't panic anyone," she said.

"They didn't want to make it public to make people worried, or cause 'unnecessary panic'. That's what they called it.”

It is understood police are currently investigating.

Full story at WAtoday

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