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People Are Dumping Black Cats Because They're Not Photogenic

News has come in this morning that a rescue centre in Bristol is inundated with black cats, after people have begun to dump them.

Careful, the reason may infuriate you.

Apparently the influx of black cats is all due to the fact that they don’t look good in selfies.

The rescue centre has 40 cats under its care, and not one of them is a ginger or a tabby.

67-year-old owner, Christine Bayka, says that the cats aren’t being rejected because of anything due to witchcraft, it’s directly due to the fact that they don’t photograph well.

After setting up the rehoming centre 21 years ago, Christine says the situation is worse now than ever before.

“Now everybody wants to take selfies and put them on Facebook. It’s a very narcissistic use of social media.

“It’s worse now because black cats don’t show up in selfies.’

“It happens all the time, I will go through all the questions and say ‘are you flexible about colour?’

Then they will say, ‘yes, as long as it’s not black.’

“It’s an increasing problem, it wasn’t like this 20 years ago.

“Over 20 years of having difficulty rehoming black cats, it’s definitely got harder because of selfies.”

Everybody, next time you’re choosing a pet, make sure you choose a black one!

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