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Pole Dancing Company Accused Of "Feeding Child Predators'

A pole dancing company has been accused of over sexualising children in an advert uploaded to its Facebook page. 

The video shows girls as young as 10 dressed in crop tops and Lycra hot pants performing tricks on a pole in a backyard.

In one shot two young girls are shown holding on to each other as they spin around the pole and in another a girl spins around a pole with her legs spread. 

Many have slammed the advert on Facebook, with one woman labelling the 34-second clip a 'pedophile's dream.' The company Gympole, who is based in the Czech Republic has defended the clip, saying pole dancing is a legitimate sport. 

'Every sport has it's base in youth, and pole sport is no different. We support active way of life, sports for kids and juniors, and we support pole sports in every age. 

'We believe, that one day soon, many of these comments here won't even come to anyone's mind'.  

The World Pole Sports Championships first launched in 2012 and entrants as young as 10 are able to enter. 

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