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Prince Harry Told Off By Queensland Polo Umpire

Queensland Polo player Beau Skerrett spent 12 years travelling the world as a professional polo player.

In 2014, he was invited to umpire a charity polo match between Prince William and Prince Harry and the princes of Malaysia.

According to Skerrett, the honour of such an occasion was lost during a heated on-field exchange with the younger red-headed prince, which included Skerrett telling the royal to "f*** off" after he lost his cool.

Skerrett has now come out, guns a blazin', telling the Courier Mail about the incident.

“William is amazing; he’s the perfect bloke — and Harry’s Harry,” Skerrett said. “Harry loses his cool (on the field). He is a spoiled brat."

“It got to the point where I couldn’t send anyone off but something had to be said because he was just getting a bit serious."

“He didn’t take it too well. I think I’m the only guy who ever told him to f--- off in front of a crowd that pay 5000 pound to shake his hand."

“It was very funny and William actually apologised for him.”

Skerrett revealed that there were no hard feelings after the match, however, he did get "the memo that they had to win because they were playing the princes from Malaysia".

"So (it was) semi-rigged but they won pretty comfortably,” he said.

Skerrett will be taking part in Land Rover’s annual Polo in the City event at Ashgrove’s Dorrington Park on Saturday.

The event will feature a fashions on the field competition judged by brand ambassador Natalie Decorte, whose husband Janek Gazecki founded the event.

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