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Princess Eugenie's Engagement Ring Is Double Meghan's

Yesterday the world learned that 2018 will bring not only one but TWO Royal Weddings, with the announcement of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's engagement.

While Eugenie's wedding is not going to be anywhere near as popular as her cousin Prince Harry's, her ring on the other hand (pun absolutely intended), is causing quite the stir. 

According to the Sun, "the pink padparadsha sapphire, surrounded by diamonds, is similar in style to the ruby engagement ring her dad, Prince Andrew, gave to Sarah Ferguson when he proposed in 1986."

A gem expert from the TV show Posh Pawn in the UK has estimated the value of Eugenie’s ring at £100,000 (AUD $174,980) – and that’s double the estimated value of Meghan's.


To be honest, we don't think that Meghan is remotely worried about the value of her ring - considering it houses one of Princess Diana's very own diamonds and the fact that she is marrying for love.

But does it really matter who's ring is worth more? We don't think so.

To the public, we should be more worried about who will bring the greater good to the community with their wealth, not who has the most flashy ring on their finger.

While we could only dream of having something so expensive on our own finger, it's shouldn't be a competition about who has the better ring.

We're just happy that they're happy and the material things don't matter.

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