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QLD Firefighter Dave Raciti Is More Than Just A Pretty Pic

Ever wondered about the men behind the FireFighter calendar? 

There's a lot more to Dave Raciti than the ability to pose in uniform with cute animals and a hose. 

Former military turned fire-fighter, the 33-year-old always knew he wanted to do something meaningful with his life.

While he didn't always have a strict vision on how his life would unfold, we think it's fair to say that he's living up to his word. 

Deployed on multiple assignments across Afghanistan and East Timor to name a few, Raciti found joy in talking to people in the community, watching their eyes widen, knowing they were safe in his presence. 

Now living on the Gold Coast to be closer to home, he has given up his army post to dedicate his life to another worthy occupation. 

Raciti may have just finished his time in the academy but he has already featured in a number of the annual Firefighter Calendars that raise money for a huge host of charities. 

One such charity that is close to his heart is Mates4Mates. 

Having served in the military, he knows of the struggles of reintegrating back into society, learning how to interact with peers and co-workers in an entirely new way, and unfortunately seeing certain old friends unsuccessfully navigate their way through those pitfalls. 


Mates4Mates is an organisation that works to help rehabilitate those in the armed forces back into normal life. 

Providing support for the psychological as well as physical rehabilitation and changes they are set to face. 

They also pride themselves on getting everyday citizens to volunteer and help ease the transition and educate each other. 

Raciti, through the Fireman's Calendar, has heard many a story of how the organisation has helped people through - just knowing someone else is there going through the same things you are. 

The second week in November was Mates4Mates Heroes Week, and despite Raciti's background he denies being a hero. 

We'll agree to disagree. 

For more information or to get involved with Mates4Mates, click here. 

To purchase your 2018 copy of the annual FireFighter's Calendar, click here.

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