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QLD Man Scares Passengers Trying To Exit Plane Mid Flight

A 25-year-old Queensland man alarmed passengers by trying to exit an Air Canada plane mid-flight before being tackled to the ground.

The man from the Sunshine Coast alarmed fellow passengers as he attempted to open the exit aircraft with ten minutes remaining on the flight. 

But a newlywed who was sitting near the plane's exit acted quickly to remove the man's hand from the door handle and tackle the passenger to the ground until aircraft staff could take control of the situation. 

“I ran over and this guy is trying to pull the lever to get the door open,” the quick reacting passenger, Shannon Horn, told Seven News. 

“I just reacted. I pulled his hand off and tackled him to the ground.”

Other passengers who watched the commotion unfold described the situation as "very scary". 

It reportedly took five flight attendants to try to get the man to settle down but he remained resistant until he was strapped into his chair. 

Australian Federal Police were there to take the man into custody as the passengers disembarked from the aircraft and the man could be seen being escorted off with zip ties around his hands. 

A Police representative said the man had been released pending further investigations. 

“After assisting police with their inquiries he was allowed to leave the airport pending further investigation,” an AFP spokesman said in a statement.

“Police inquiries into this matter are continuing. No charges have been laid at this time.”

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