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QLD Police Bashing Victim Withdraws Complaint

A Gold Coast man seen on CCTV being bashed while handcuffed by Queensland police officers withdrew his complaint shortly after receiving a financial settlement, a court has heard.

Former sergeant Rick Flori is standing trial in Southport District Court on misconduct charges after allegedly leaking footage of police bashing Noa Begic in the basement car park of Surfers Paradise station in January 2012.

The court heard on Friday that Mr Begic withdrew his complaint later that year shortly after receiving a financial settlement.

Inspector Glenn Morris, who led the internal investigation into the incident, confirmed Mr Begic's complaint was withdrawn after the settlement concluded.

Insp Morris said he was unclear if the complaint withdrawal was linked to the settlement.

However, once the complaint was withdrawn, police ethical standards command could no longer bring criminal charges against the officers involved, he said.

"The course of action available was disciplinary action because of the withdrawal of the complaint," Insp Morris said.

The officer who kneed and punched Mr Begic, Senior Constable Ben Lamb, told the court on Thursday he had been given a suspended dismissal for his actions.

Mr Flori has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The trial continues.


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