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Qld Prison Escapee Found Naked Begging For Water

An 82-year-old cane farmer has recalled the moment a prison escapee ran into his house stark naked, ending up at his kitchen table desperate for a glass of water.

Brian Illington Trent Tapim, 23, escaped a Queensland prison farm with another man on Sunday before hiding in Col Sievers' cane field, from which he ran on Monday, desperate for water and some clothes.

"He ripped straight in here then up to the kitchen table stark naked," Mr Sievers told the Seven network.

"Then he ripped out the clothesline and stole my pants - they're in the cop shop on the counter now."

The second man, Jermaine Lee Anderson, 30, remains on the run.

Mr Sievers warned Tapim if he spent another day and night in the cane field "you'll wish you were back in prison".

"I asked him where his clothes were and he said 'well it was that hot I took them off and left them in the cane'," Mr Sievers said.

Tapim attempted to steal multiple cars from the property but failed and damaged a car's ignition by trying to start it with a fishing knife.

Waiting for police, Mr Sievers drove to nearby officers to alert them the fugitive really was there.

"I said, 'Look, we've got that fugitive at our farm'...he couldn't believe it," Mr Sievers said.

Tapim and Anderson were believed to have vaulted over the low-security compound's fence using a wheelie bin and a doona.

Anyone with information about Anderson is urged not to approach him but to call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.


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