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QLD Woman To Face Trial Over Own Mother's Murder

A Brisbane university student accused of bludgeoning her Macedonian mother to death has been committed to stand trial for her murder.

Simona Zafirovska, 21, appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday, accused of murdering Radica Zafirovska, who worked as a cleaner at the Brisbane Supreme and District Courts.

The 56-year-old's bloodied body was found at her home at The Gap on October 28, 2016, after her daughter raised the alarm.

Forensic co-ordinator Inspector David Keating told the magistrates court a piece of wood almost one metre long and seven centimetres wide was found in the bedroom near Ms Zafirovska's body.

He said the alleged weapon looked "like a timber stake", and that it had some blood on it.

He said there was extensive blood spatter on the bedroom walls, and that minute traces of blood were also found in the kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as on the tiled foyer.

Documents were also scattered as if they had been riffled through, and cupboards were open in the kitchen, the court heard.

Insp Keating told the court he could not rule out whether the weapon had been washed following the attack.

However, forensic scientist Sergeant Melissa Airlie said she thought it unlikely.

"The blood was wet so it was unlikely it had been cleaned," she told the court.

Zafirovska is accused of striking her mother up to 20 times with the weapon.


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