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QR Releases CCTV Of Risks Of Drunk Passengers Ahead Of NYE

New Years revellers have been warned to be careful on southeast Queensland train station following the release of CCTV footage showing drunk patrons falling off rail platforms.

Queensland Rail released the footage, showing a number of apparently alcohol-impaired patrons stumbling on platforms, with some falling onto the tracks below.

In one clip, a man tumbles onto the tracks and security staff are seen frantically signalling an oncoming train, which comes to an abrupt stop before reaching the platform.

Other clips show people falling over while trying to jump fare gates and tripping while walking backwards down an escalator.

Chief Executive Officer Nick Easy said more than 600 people tripped, slipped or fell at train stations during 2017 and travellers needed to look out for themselves and their mates during the festive period.

"While these incidents can seem humorous, this vision is a stark reminder of how easily alcohol can affect you, causing you to act in ways you usually wouldn't or lose your footing. In an active train station environment you're multiplying your risk of serious injury, he said in a statement.

"With trains weighing up to 120 tonnes regularly passing through platforms without the ability to instantly brake or swerve to avoid you, train stations are no place to take risks with your safety.


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