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Razor Blades Discovered Inside Returned SSM Postal Vote

The Australian Bureau of Statistics have confirmed that razor blades were found inside a returned same sex marriage postal survey envelope.

Jonathan Palmer, ABS deputy Australian statistician, spoke during a Senate committee hearing in Canberra on Wednesday saying that so far there have been 34 complaints of fraud in relation to the survey.

It was also revealed that a number of returned envelopes contained suspicious items including one which had razor blades inside.

During the meeting, the ABS said they were "actively investigating" the issue and were discussing whether to hand the case over to police.

Fourteen cases have already been referred to AFP for investigation between September 18 and October 11 in relation to the attempted sale of survey forms online while another four cases were investigated by state police in relation to survey form theft.

However, the ABS noted that only a small amount of cases have involved people sending items in the envelop with their ballots.

Before the survey was administered Australian's were warned that votes returned with items in their envelope could affect the validity of the vote after reports that supporters wanted to include glitter in their vote.

Tomorrow is said to be the last day for people to send back their postal votes in order for it to be received in time to count in the survey.

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