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Red Bull Can Full Of Meth Allegedly Found In QLD Prison

A Red Bull can filled with crystal meth has allegedly been discovered in a Brisbane Correctional Centre. 

The findings resulted in a full scale investigation being launched by the Queensland Corrective Services and the Ethical Standards Unit. 

The can was found in a staff-access-only prisoner reception store on February 23rd of this year at the Wacol facility. 

A female staff member allegedly made the discovery after attempting to open and drink the contents of the can - only to realise there was a second container inside, a QCS source confirmed to the Brisbane Times.

However an official spokesperson would not confirm the details of the discovery or how it came to be in the staff-only fridge. 

“It is not unusual for illicit substances and other illegal items to be confiscated from prisoners in this area before they enter the prison population, and there are procedures to securely dispose of them,” the spokesperson told the media outlet. 

The investigation continues. 

h/t: Brisbane Times

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